ingebardorA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet briefly with one of the worlds most highly psychic individuals, Inge Bardor. Inge has had the term super psychic coined about her because she is capable to know anything about anyone at any time from any distance. Granted having supersenses that she has had to work hard to develop and control, she is still a humble, wise and loving individual doing the work of higher intent to help people find their inner clarity to activate their own supersenses and heal their inner child.

She has a DVD presentation with the well-known and renowned spiritual teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek where she showcases all of her psychic abilities to an audience with no previous knowledge or physical sight of the criteria presented to her depicting the detailed descriptions of the pictures and the people in the pictures brought up to her 100% accurate everytime.

I asked her a few questions and she had a couple of simple and profound answers for the blog:

Q: What inspires you to keep developing and evolving yourself spiritually and intuitively?

Hope and evolution

Hope that it will come a time where we all become conscious and all of us can aspire to live in a higher vibration, making the world a much more harmonious environment.

Q: What are some of the coolest things about being a super psychic?

All though some people see me as a psychic, I am only a conduit and I am able to read and channel the energy that everyone emanates 

The most inspiring is the gratification that I receive from witnessing seeing people evolve and gaining their power back after I work with them

Q: Do you ever use your psychic abilities to gain an advantage in life in any way?

I respect others and myself to use it to gain advantage in any way but when I was in school, I had some of my guides to tell me some of the answers of the exams

Q: If you could give people who want to evolve their psychic abilities one piece of advice what would it be?

Be yourself, ground yourself before you fly

To learn more about Inge and her program and how you can open your inner screen and get clarity within your own extrasensory capabilities or to book a session visit her website here.

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