energy_beingAs multi-dimensional beings it is important to learn how to modulate your own frequency so while in any everyday situation you are strong enough to totally block and deflect the negative, invasive and lower energy of others who may be around you. If you’re looking to progress your energetic resilience and coherence while inhabiting a physical body then it’s critical to learn.

But to progress on any spiritual level you must learn how to control the state of your inner reality, which includes your thoughts, your emotions, and the sensations you have in your body. This is done through practicing meditation and bringing yourself back to center each time you sway off balance mentally or emotionally by understanding that you are in the drivers seat of your physical body, also including your Mind.

Half of the winning battle in gaining control of  your energy is not letting your mind go off in a swirl when you are hit with the negative energy in the world surrounding us. It happens to all of us but when it does always remember to re-center and recalibrate by disassociating your energy from the negative energy that is causing the reaction.

When you get a good hold on what thoughts and emotions are yours, and which ones are not it can be much easier to understand what the sensations in your body are telling you, and it is also easier to maintain clarity and control through your breath and the circulation of the blood through your body. Your breath is the most critical factor in everything energy related about you. How evenly you breathe, how long you breathe and where you are breathing from.

The heart center is where you have to breathe from to get the most control over your physical body. Constantly breathing from here with a calm sense of peace and a sense of inner love of the self that is always there and never goes away will eventually release any anxiety, angst, stress or fear. And when you allow your breathing to continually regulate the circulatory flow of blood through your veins and arteries you will totally begin to control your frequency.

When you can control your frequency like this you can then capable of modulating it to suit any type of energy or higher light. Do you want to walk in a ray of golden light all day? What about violet? Or platinum? These higher energies are very real and they are the multi-dimensional rays of light that are hitting the earth in abundance to shift the consciousness of the planet. But it all starts with you and your understanding of your physical body and how to shift your energy to meet these frequencies from within.

So it’s up to you to decide which type of energy you feel you are most resonant to. A combination of these energies are what is most most effective.

Here’s a breakdown on each of the Rays and what they do for you:

Violet Ray: The Ascending Ray of Aquarius. Also the ray of transmutation that helps transform negative, stuck and block energies into light

Golden Ray: The Christed Ray. Bringing warm calming, and healing energy from the galactic center to dissolve any disease of the Mind and body

Platinum Ray: The Metatronic Ray. Also the twin of the Golden Ray that brings extremely intense purifying light to eradicate any darkness and maintain purity

Pink Ray:  The Ray of Compassion. Brings warming calm and an incredibly powerful healing vibration of love for others as the self and love for the self as others. This Ray can totally transform someone from the inside out.

So when you know how each ray will feel, when you connect with at least one of these Rays with your breathing and a visualization of being surrounded by light in a pillar you then are on your way to total control over your energy.

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