SoulAll humans are energetic beings, made out of wavelengths of energy down to the spinning atomic particle that forms the matter of the human body. And every person has their own unique energetic signature so understanding what your own unique energy feels like is like knowing black from white when discerning from another person’s energy. However in the beginning it can seem like a mix of off gray instead of black and white primarily for the sheer vastness of our inner realms and true energetic capacity.

When you begin to attempt to tune into your own energy you are probably already carrying around the energy of others along with some of their mental programming and emotional habits from your environment. Understanding your own energy goes down to the core of the Self and truly knowing who you are, instead of identifying with the inundated programming that has been absorbed your entire life before you decided to continue consciously keep waking up spiritually.

The most basic levels of your energy are your emotional body and your mental body. These two areas can be looked at the metaphysical areas that make up your personality. The types of issues that will come up when you go into your own emotions and mental programming are contexts of thought with emotion attached most likely attributed towards fear or false projection of the self. These issues may be related to social status, what people think, your self image, your beliefs about money and opinions about other people in the context of hurt, guilt, sympathy or sickness. When you get to the bottom of these issues you find yourself at the core totally unattached from these illusions. Then you find that these issues were never yours and that they are best released with acknowledgement and understanding with enough love  for yourself not to re-absorb or loop them.

Knowing your own energy also comes down to how well you know your own personality subconsciously, from the inside out. When a negative thought fires off in judgement about yourself or somebody else pay attention and ask: would I truly think that or is it something probably coming from the negative ego?

Understand that 90% of all people are run by their ego and many in that percentage are having negativity run in their subconscious programming without even knowing. So also ask yourself what the contexts are of your thoughts in your mind on a day-to-day basis? Are your emotions balanced or are they a bit chaotic and sporatically liable to be triggered? What time of day are you most liable to have negative thoughts, and in what situation are you most likely to be emotionally triggered? When you are able to pay attention enough to observe the thoughts in your head and identify the negativity you can then weed out the garbage from your own clear and balanced cognition then you can begin to cultivate your energy on a deeper level.

Besides working through the subconscious, all it takes after that is focus and leverage of the breath to keep yourself from going back into negativity and absorbing garbage energy from other people.

Affirmations also work great for programming yourself into clearer energetic capacity and understanding. It all begins and end with self love. Instead of being run subconsciously by the lower mind unaware of your what programming you are running, take your power back for the love of yourself and the willingness and desire to grow and evolve. Affirmations work best when you identify with them and understand the context of where you stand in discernment of lower negative emotions that will distort your energy.

Here are some affirmations that will help you cultivate a powerful inner biosphere of healthy, strong and balanced energy when you identify with Self Love:

Love is not hurt – (therefore these thoughts out of hurt are not mine)

Love is not sick – (therefore these thoughts out of sickness are not mine)

Love is not guilty – (therefore these thoughts out of guilt are not mine)

Love is not sympathetic – (therefore these lowering thoughts out of sympathy are not mine)

When you catch these distorting energies trying to loop in your mind and around in your energy field they usually fall in one of these 4 categories so when you affirm these statements and know yourself as Love you cannot be compromised in your Mind or Energy any longer. Your energy is your personality in self love. Understand it, accept it, allow it, cultivate and develop it because you deserve wholeness and the deepest understanding  in a communion of yourself.



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