It’s been proven that all technology is nothing but a cheap imitation of the true capacity of a human being. The human being is the originator of all technology primarily for the fact that anything any “smart”phone or tablet can do has been taken from the insight of the energetic, telekenetic and telempathic ability of the people and put into a metal device.

How could computers even exist even if not for people who have the capacity to connect their own neural connections in such a way to process how calculations could work outside themselves? The same is true with audio and video texting – there are capacities unlocked within the human being that allows them to connect to any telempathic individual on the planet to share concepts, thoughts, discernment and communication through visual and audio all through telempathic electromagnetic bio energy.

So how do you connect with yourself deep enough to be able to empathically tap into your own infinite reserve of biokenetic energy to reach through the inner cosmos and connect with multi-dimensional beings and fellow awakened humans? The most important things to do is to are to move your awareness from your brain and into your heart, and maintain a streamline connection to Source energy. Besides that it takes some time, discipline, balance of the mind and emotions, along with focus and accurate intuitive work tuned until your empathic discernment of any energy outside yourself begins to grow.

Literally everyone on the planet is empathic. It is a soul’s capacity. If you’re able to feel different emotions when you listen to different songs or if you’re able to feel inclinations of emotions when in conversation with another person then you are more empathic than you realize. The emotional capacity of all human beings are actually energetic because emotions are energy. So what you are feeling when you feel emotions is energetic frequency in wavelength. This also explains why emotions come in waves. You might listen to one song and feel an energy of hollow mystique, then listen to another song and feel an energy of low steady drudge, and then listen to another song and feel an uplift energy of jubilant fullness.

To increase your empathic capability what you do is take this faculty and apply it to the energy of anything, or anyone you can think of. Get centered from within your heart and then practice. Start with a person you can think of whom you are familiar with and sum up their personality in a feeling of their energy. Then think of what a person’s energy who you want to meet might feel like and then use that with the law of attraction. You can also do the same with multi-dimensional beings, by using your intuition and then connecting with a pure intent.

Having an increased sense of energetic awareness on a fundamental level can have increased benefits in day-to-day life when you remain balanced. An inner knowing of your own spectrum of your own energy is needed to be able to congruently perceive energy outside yourself. When continuously balanced your intuition will increase, you will seem to notice things more apparent before they happen and your world expands.

This works because we are all made up of nothing but energy, and one of the most fundamental forms of energy is sound. And we communicate by sound so if you really tune into the nature of how humans act, express and communicate verbally, each person literally has their own vibrational sound note tuned with their own energy low, high, deep, shallow or full.

When tuning into energy outside of yourself it is also very important to remember not to identify with what you can sense and hear energetically. The Unified Field of Consciousness is so expansive that it is possible to tune into any type of energy, person, place, or thing and get an awareness of it and the as information comes in it can get overwhelming. Remember to keep your intentions solid into what type of energy you are looking to connect with by clearing your own energy first and keeping an energetic shield up around yourself at all times.

There is so much more you can discover you are actually capable of when you go into the realms of the inner capacity of the self. All of it is totally possible, is totally achievable and is easiest when your personal energy is understood and handled with balance and care.


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