spiritual-awakening-stages-11The entire spectrum of the energy of an individual is influenced mostly by the circulation of your energy, the intention of your energy, and your cognition to understand and discern your energy. These are the three areas that need to be mastered when increasing your energetic capacity and clarity to expand into higher heights and deeper depths of your own consciousness.

With the intention to develop your energy it can begin to evolve but without proper circulation of your energy you aren’t capable of fully grounding higher light DNA activations, insightful downloads, or any major empathic or intuitive increases in capacity. How you circulate your energy is very much a cyclical self-perpetuating process, by directing it through your breathing.

The most basic circulation of energy through your body is to move Golden light energy circular up your back, around your head, down the front of your body around and then back up again like a wheel.

Granted we are all multidimensional beings in a physical body while our physical bodies act like the “wheels on the ground” for our Higher Selves. So if you’ve ever heard the term “vessel” that’s exactly what a physical body is as well a biological suit; it has to be operated, and literally driven by you by spinning your energy internally.

54_25_82-flow-the-body-tai-chi-chuanRotating your energy like this through the entire body will also activate the “wheels” in your mind that will get you thinking much clearer when practicing this energy work with focus. It will soon become apparent that you’re running your vessel in a self-perpetuating feedback loop that will help you discern what energy you wish to continue to harmonize and integrate, and which types of thoughtforms or distortion you do not wish to allow to continue. You will be able to observe the cognition of your own Mind much clearer to gain control over it. This will also allow you to quickly become more coherent with your own energy and the energy of others around you.

This type of circulation is actually the most important before any type of chakra clearing because it gives you full body balance to charge through the day and will clear many blockages that you don’t know you have through your main energetic meridians.

When you rotate your energy cyclically you’re expanding the capacity of your physical body to be able to harness, hold, and use much more energy and free up more of the lifeforce you have always had such as kundalini as well as also abling yourself to draw energy from the infinite. This type of circulation when continued will gear you into cosmic alignment to turn you into your own free energy device. As long as you are consciously connected to Source energy, from here you can pull cosmic energy from either the sun or the earth into your lightbody, through your chakras and into your physical vessel to be able to better handle the evolution.


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