multidimensionalIn our day-to-day lives we have things to do, places to be, responsibilities to take care of and then between all of this activity we end up assigning ourselves minor distractions to enjoy ourselves and pass the time. Though they can be entertaining, after a while of living through these habitual patterns it is possible to get swirled up in a constant distraction in need of activity to capture attention between the thing you have to do to prevent boredom or time totally silent with the Self.

The same goes for humans and our brains. There usually is always “busy thought” going on in the Minds of most people to keep us occupied and entertained. When was the last time you sat in complete silence with absolutely no thought going through your Mind? Unfortunately most people have never experienced complete inner stillness because the popular notion present day is that it is impossible to control the Mind. Contrary to popular belief it is very possible to induce a state to influence the Mind until you have total control of it. When you understand that you can make this normal, everything can change for you.

The primary cause for constantly thinking, and constantly being plugged into technology texting or scrolling on an app or flipping through the channels on tv is to prevent feeling unwanted emotions or to avoid processing unsupervised mental chatter. Sure: there will always be technology around but it takes some existential understanding to know that there will always be yourself before that technology and learning how to expand the true existential capacity yourself first instead of distracting yourself on some device first may prove worthwhile by an infinitely long shot.

When you unlink yourself from technology, the next thing to do is to unhook yourself from the busy thought going on in your Mind. Even though this thought directly relates to your life and your interests, this thought is almost always perpetuating, even while it may seem like you are not even doing any thinking.

mind-framesTake some time to drop into your heartspace listen to what is going on in your Mind with your heart to find out what is really going on inside yourself. You may have to go to the grocery store, pick up the kids, text your best friend back, iron your shirt tomorrow for work, study for an exam, etc. and even though you have to get these important things done it may surprise you that it really is not you who is doing the thinking of this constant busy thought, even though it seems to be in your voice.

Over the centuries famous authors and philosophers have alluded to notions that demonize the Mind and refer to it as some type of negative force that will over analyze, compartmentalize, separate, and box you away from yourself and from who you truly are. However this only happens when you do not have supervision over your own Mind. When you don’t run any protection or have awareness of what your thoughts are supposed to sound like it leaves the door completely open for any type of frequency to invade and simulate your thinking in any context.

Most of the negativity about the Mind has been confusing the Mind with the negative ego. The negative ego is actually a virus that infiltrates the Mind without you knowing, and it has many forms. It ends up using your relationship with yourself and your limited awareness of not knowing that you have an inner voice from the space of your heart center, and it projects its frequency into your Mind while you think you are doing the thinking when you are not.

The negative ego will run you in circles keeping you on a hamster wheel the entire life fooling you into thinking you have to be busy doing, or busy thinking about something important every second of the day. It’s primary function is to prevent, distract and delay you from looking at yourself and who you truly are so it can continue sucking energy from you while you continue to run the busy thought that simulates your voice in a seemingly relevant context. Because when you find out that you have an inner voice as ancient as the Universe itself from your heart center it becomes blatantly obvious that you are not who you thought you were and that virus can no longer feed on your Mind.

You are not your thoughts, you are a Creator. The Mind is actually a benevolent etheric elemental of whom is self intelligent and a positive Creator force from Source Energy itself. The Mind overlays and envelops through the body as well. However it is up to the individual with their own Mind, recognition of their inner voice and discernment of their own programming to decide what type of frequency they want to run within themselves.

To begin gaining control over your Mind simply drop into your heartspace, connect to Source energy and control your breathing with rhythmic even breaths until your body is entirely still from within. When busy thoughts come up simply affirm like a stern parent the word “no” and remain in your center. The loops of thought will likely continue just like a childish act but when you remain parental to your Mind it has no choice but to align with your will. When you get good at doing this in meditation you can make this a normal state of being throughout your day.



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