conf3When you hear about DNA activation you might think about receiving a lightning bolt of cosmic energy from the heavens to electricute your entire body into bliss. Although this very possible on a multidimensional level all DNA activation begins with the self, through compassionate love of the self.

Love for the self and love for others as the self is the golden standard of living life and evolution here on earth and in this Universe.¬†Whether you acknowledge it or not every single personal, social, or professional problematic circumstance, conundrum, or circumstance you have found yourself in, or will find yourself in can have it’s highest resolution based in balanced respect and graceful love for yourself and love for others around you.

When we realize we are spiritually growing and evolving emotionally, mentally, and energetically we are surpassing the past versions of ourselves of who we once were. All people here on the planet are all made up of the same DNA because collectively we all come from the same physical lineages and the same star lineages. The best way to view the people walking around the planet is like understanding the job of white blood cells.

The white blood cells fight off infection and disease to repair and rejuvinate red blood cells who have fallen out of resonance with what they are. The entire blood circulation system is self-contained within the body and the body can also be seen as the planet earth. DNA energetically activated or activating individuals repair and re-ynchronize themselves like white blood cells to collectively protect and ensure healthy evolution for the entire body. So when you begin to see yourself as a white blood cell in the body of the planet that has the capacity to heal itself and heal others that is very profound shift in perception.

The power of love will literally heal cells, realign bones and ligaments purely through vibration. When you see a health problem literally reorganize and resolve itself under a microscope when the vibration of love is projected at malignant molecules and they untwist into benign, coherent and organized molecules, the power of love becomes factual. The same goes for healing and activating yourself on a DNA level.

When you increase the empathy of the love that you have for yourself or for somebody you love most through compassion and apply that to your own body you literally supercharge your own DNA activation. To do this you feel that love in your heart and build it up until it’s almost overwhelming and then expand it outwards in golden-pink light and flow it cyclically through your body with your breathing. Then allow your energy of love to continue to circulate in a golden sphere around you without any hesitation because it is your energy and who you feel the love for is also yourself.

Circulating pure love heart energy in your body will literally untwist any stagnant energy and free up any blockages you have in any particular area when you put your awareness of your energy there. This allows your base energetic vibration to rise to be able to receive and integrate the waves of cosmic energy that come in much less of a problem.

Your higher sensory awareness may begin to come online including but not limited to your third eye sight, your mind’s eye sight, your telepathic awareness and your intuitive inner voice. The clarity of your emotions may begin to become more evident along with your discernment of outside energy and greater ability to manifest.

Integrating Compassion Will Also Upgrade Your Emotional Processing

The love that is spoken about here will also completely resolve emotional or psychological problems within the self that has been projected or reflected back at an individual. These issues make themselves manifest to speak on the wavelength of a soul’s energetic frequency to bring the person aware of where they’ve been going wrong to bring them back into alignment with more of who they truly are.

Compassion allows you to see others as you, and to not judge or blame them for who they are or for what they are doing, because they are simply only experiencing their life from the level of programming that they have learned and doing so would be like arguing with a 5 year old or a stuffed animal. Not forgiving or not understanding others at the level that they are at is sadly the #1 reason why most people stagnate in their growth and do not hit higher levels of awareness.

Most people learn and experience the lessons life has to offer even if there are repercussions for having to learn something the hard way. One thing that is always offered that will always exist in a deep expression after a hard lesson learned is love.

The best thing to do when hit with the incomplete programming of people you interact with is to let it go and understand that they are also you and that by improving yourself and understanding them as yourself is also better for those people around you on any level than it is to join them in unconsciousness.


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