maxresdefaultThe element of fire is probably one of the most important levels of energy to integrate in the body when practicing inner alchemy. The flame is the bioluminescent, unified source of light that ignites the body into activation on a higher dimensional level. When used positively the flame can completely incinerate all negative energy within you that is not you to produce a whole new beginning for you into higher evolution.

You can use the flame anywhere at any period of time to clear your energy and there are many different modalities and a variety of functions to use the flame for this type inner alchemy. The most important thing to acknowledge before doing any type of energy work is your intent and to be aware of the level of energy that you are currently at.

The second most important thing to acknowledge is how a flame works and how it spins within itself in a form of ether to emit an auric light. This same light that the flame emits also is your auric field. When you begin to be able to visualize and feel your own fire intensely you will also begin to be able see through the veil with your third eye through the own light you are producing.

The flame is perfectly fractal and is spun counter-clockwise, upwards around you in unison with your toroidial field that also spins the same orientation around you as one energetic intelligence woven inside-out the body.

To begin activating your inner fire you have to at least have a streamlined connection to Source energy. If you are often very tired, many times are sick, or are not motivated or inspired in life in general it will be a little harder to ignite your inner fire but it is possible. You’ll have to think and feel back to what truly it is that you love to do and what brings passion into your heart. Know the feeling you get when you are joyful and you are doing what you truly love to do. Some people have a love for truth and for higher knowledge and wisdom, others like to paint and create things like videos, writings, and other forms of art. Begin channeling your passion from these activities when you do them while visualizing and feeling a flame growing around you, that originates from your heart center.

vfThen it’s with your own connection to Source energy you can begin bringing in the higher light in a golden ray, a violet ray, or a platinum ray and igniting it around your body. Platinum fire purifies, golden fire calms, rejuvenates, and dissolves sickness and violet fire transmutes any negativity including emotional karma, energetic hooks and attachments.

The intensity of your energy is also key. The intention you use your energy towards will discern how much intensity you produce granted the will you have to bring the passion within your own being.  The fire you have within is an omipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent aspect of yourself and can be tapped into and ignited by anyone with a human body. Nothing can put it out because you are an eternal being

Once you are able to get your flame going well it can begin burning wildly the more passion you fuel it with. The best route to keep it cultivated and under your control is to visualize and feel it as a hot searing flame that is tempered masterfully, enveloping fully within your own auric field, and ignitable to a much larger extent whenever you need it. Having your own personal reserve of inner fire that you can tap into will help you shift your life into a new area of purpose, and literally gives you the ability to light the fire under your ass when you need to get things done.




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  1. Jerrel is truly a mentor, helping me to awaken and dissatisfaction over any blocks I may have had. His mentor ship has been awe inspiring and so truly helpful. I suggest and recommend anyone practice with Jerrel should you wish to proceed further along your own spiritual journey.

    Much love and light

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