6f6b204f61d795f03b3b536b18a188b0--earth-google-gods-and-goddessesThe collective consciousness of us humans living on the surface is greatly affected by the core resonance of the earth as it increases in resonance as the sun travels around the galaxy and closer to the galactic center. The energy of the earth is something that when tuned into can greatly enhance your spiritual and energetic progress internally and externally.

If you were to think of the earth as a mother for all beings on the surface, that would be very accurate hence the term Mother Earth. And when you think about it the planet earth is our home because it is the planet we were all born on that provided all of us a place to live and grow. Going beyond that the planet has an ambient energy as a realm of consciousness that is widely available to anyone with their heart open enough to connect.

When you connect to the earth you find that the energy is an actual Spirit, like a person’s Spirit who is wide and vast as an ocean with a frequency of a Mother or a Grandmother. The earth is a living being that has given each and every person an ecosystem to live and thrive on although modern humans today seem to be mostly disconnected from the earth mostly due to the sprawl of metropolitan living environments, asphalt and buildings made of heavy metal. Unfortunately there also seems to be a war waged on the planet itself by politicians and scientists without the wisdom to use their power to help the environment instead of trying to control it with chemtrails and artificially manufactured superstorms.

To connect with the earth the best thing to do is to get into nature whether it is a park, or your own back yard and put your bare feet on the grass or soil. When you do this you begin to open your own electromagnetic energy centers on your feet to tune to the earth’s frequency. This step alone has been scientifically proven by many doctors to help people get over common ailments like cold and flu – in the documentary Earthing.

f885e61c2acd17c8956364ba8cb9e9baHowever, this is only the first step. The next thing to do is to enter your heart and feel into the consciousness of the earth with your own awareness. To bring balance from within yourself and grant yourself the most support from the ground up, connect to the earth. The earth is literally a support system of love and nurturing care emotionally and mentally. As multidimensional beings incarnated here we have the capability and initiative to seed the consciousness of the planet to increase our own vibration and the vibration of the others around us.

If you’ve ever experienced “brain fog” where your thinking is cloudy then is probable that you’re in an unconscious area of the collective consciousness where most people do not have much control over their emotions or thoughts. These muddy emotions, and scattered thought patterns are then directly reflected in nature itself through thick low cloudy weather. Believe it or not the best thing you can do for yourself is to connect with the earth, as the Spirit of Gaia Sophia and begin taking back total control of your own awareness.

You can find a free meditation for how to ground into the earth and connect to the sun here (inspired by Drunvalo Melchizidek). It also will give you a method for breathing to stay grounded and connected like a walking, living conduit of light breathing through the earth and the sun. When you do this it is like ground support for your own emotional patterns and thinking processes.

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