From a multidimensional perspective the ego can be perceived as your human 3D self. For a 3D human the main issues a person is concerned with in his or her life is who they are to the world, who they are socially to the people around them, and who they are to themselves. These are categories with values that value differently to any person. Because humanity is a collective consciousness most of these values fall in the same spectrum of social status, instant gratification, and gratification of identity reflection. Then these values get mirrored around the collective with identity being defined through these values. These same values are then reanimated over and over again as societies progress, fall and are rebuilt over thousands of years. This is how entire countries and communities can run the same baseline belief system for centuries and end up never questioning it.

Brain-Illuminated-2In modern day psychology the ego is commonly referred to as the “ID” or the psychological representation of the personality. Most people live their lives from a state of constant thinking so the personality becomes an aspect of a pattern of thought and emotion. Yet when you exit the 3D mind and begin re-analyzing your mental truths from the infinite awareness of your heartspace it becomes apparent that the ego in its most illuminated state is not a negative aspect of the self at all. It is the brilliantly shining version of yourself without flaw as the raw personality energy of yourself at your core. It is the pure energy that you are before you may have had to run belief systems detrimental to your soul in order to survive and be socially accepted.

It is possible to rebirth the ego and allow your ego to work for you without being narcissistic, being full of yourself, being conceited, or feeling like you have to be dishonest in order to survive. The ego is not bad. The ego is the willpower and the strength in your identity in knowing who you are, what you deserve, and where you ought to be. During your awakening along your journey you may find great power in utilizing the ego as a servant to the soul. It will allow you to go against the status quo without a second thought because you can perceive your own reality for yourself, on an objective level.

Before you can really take the reins of the ego it really helps to know the boundaries of your own mind and what types of energies can trigger or sway an individual into taking actions that are not aligned with their higher version of self.  The mind is not bad. Why the mind is so attacked is because unfortunately many spiritual people confuse the etheric sickness that attaches to the mind that clamps onto the brain to produce constant negative thought or constant busy thought as the mind itself when it is not. It is negative energy. These energies are fear, hate, depression, rage, trauma, guilt, shame, etc. All of these energies come from the negative ego which is an etheric virus that literally will hook itself onto your brain and entrain your brain into repetitive patterns of detrimental thought to convince you these energies are yours from your past experiences through backwards cycling of the brain.

Take your brainpower back and think with your heart

Consciousness is not in the brain. Consciousness is in the heart. And before that Consciousness is who you are on the most primordial level as formlessness awareness itself from a singular point of perspective. So if you want to unhook the chains of negative energy on your brain and break the 3D belief system programming to wake up and rebirth your ego into a higher version of yourself all you have to do is this:

  1. Enter the sacred space of your heart in meditation
  2. Get comfortable in there
  3. Identify with yourself existing from your heart
  4. Filter every single thought and emotion from your heart and do not reflect dissonant energies
  5. Allow your heart to override the thinking of the brain and do not filter thought with the negative energy clamped on your brain
  6. Spin your energy from your heart up to your brain in a forward cycle to clear your mind and stay clear

0a8db94d6d76e303ed04b0dda5a05925Your brain is a vortex and it will continue to cycle energy throughout it with or without your conscious choice to maintain it. This includes old thoughts, thoughts that are not yours and false belief systems. You can see how the brain spins energy like a vortex here.

When you allow the brain to spin energy in a forward cycle correctly the way it was intended it will function clearly instead of getting overrun with energy that doesn’t serve you. For a meditation on getting into the heartspace check out the meditation library on this website.

The center of the brain is often referred to as the seat of the soul. You also can percieve your mental capacity as an aspect of your ego and your heart as an aspect of the soul. When you’re in your heart you can get into the drivers seat in the center of your brain and spin the wheels of your brain to steer it out of the muddy tracks of the negative energy and outdated 3D belief systems. And it always helps to remember that you are the one in charge, not your brain. It takes time willpower and persistence however it is worth the reward of the upgrade.

~Much Love and Blessings



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