original.pngIt is possible to circulate your energy in such a way that extends the capacity you have for energy to develop an increase in your inner intuitive energetic intelligence. This is done by making sure the 3 main energy centers of the heart, brain, and stomach are contininuously working in harmony with each other in a self-perpetual state of flow.

Keeping these three main energy centers clear and in working order is critical to maintaining a clear inner reality and accurate intuitive guidance system. The heart is the most powerful energy center in the body and it serves as the most personal center of inner knowing, beingness, existence, discernment and guidance. Your heart is the base intelligence discerning whether or not you are going to tune into a specific energy or not. It also works as a tuner to intuitively feel through the different energies that exist around you and through the energies that you may already be carrying.

The brain is the 2nd most powerful and although it is 3,000 times less electromagnetically effective than the heart it still will carry out the programming, instructions and guidance directly from the heart center. The brain works best when both hemispheres are firing at an evenly distributed golden mean brainwave ratio. When your hemispheres are operating balanced like this you get Unified vision and you are able to see holographically, surpassing the 3rd dimensional level of sight into a 4th and 5th density spherical perspective. Your inner vision is tuned your Mind so you also become much more keen to sense what is around the next corner by shifting your perspective intuitively to sense more of what is going on around you through the emotions of others and the happening of world events.

Meditation_Bestow_your_Love_upon_the_world_1The third most powerful energy center is the stomach. Even in the medical industry they call your stomach your “2nd brain” when in reality the heart is the actual “brain” as all intelligence is formed out of and measured from there. However your stomach as your third main intuitive processor does also have 100 million brain cells. When you get a “gut feeling” or a hunch about something or someone, that is your inner intelligence processing the energy about the person or the situation. When your stomach is cleared of negative energy your ability to discern the types of energy within and around you gets much more advanced in the depth and scope of the energy you are able to be aware of.

Clarity throughout your system is most eminent when you are taking priority and utilizing these three energy centers, in a Unified process by circulating your energy through them continually. Each of these centers are chakras and are also best looked at in this perspective as flames. These flames serve as a pure energy source for your body to function off of, extending your internal capacity and intelligence for overall energy exponentially.

The best way to do this is to begin breathing evenly from the heart in calm even breaths. While breathing like this you circulate your energy from the heart flame up to the 3rd eye flame and down through to your stomach flame and back up again to your heart, in an infinity motion pattern. You can visualize as all 3 flames hot white plasma Source energy to make it simple. Or you can visualize the heart flame as pink representing love and compassion, the third eye flame as blue representing wisdom, and the stomach flame as yellow representing power and divine will. Or you could also do pink, gold, and platinum flames as well.

During circulation each flame becomes layered as one with each color within itself and each energy center becomes more powerful the longer you remain focused with this modality. Keeping your circulation this way will only increase your intuitive and empathic capability and activate you on a higher dimensional level to progress your evolutionary DNA activation. After a while of doing this it gets easier and easier and it becomes second nature like riding a bike or driving a car!


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