Train_Your_BrainAs you continue your Ascension process you may literally get downloads that allow you to mentally, emotionally, and physically see, understand, and know your entire body as an empty multi-dimensional interface while you begin operating on a higher level with enlightened ET’s, Angels, and many other types of multi-dimensional beings normally. You may begin to know that you are primarily a being of energy who is operating their 3D human body behind the controls like an avatar. When you are going through these phases of integration on these higher levels of functioning, the most important thing is to understand that an upgrade of your system is nothing but your ability to understand a level of higher knowledge, by downloading and implementing wisdom and keeping it within your own knowing.

Downloads and upgrades are intuitive insights from the higher dimensions that allow an individual to integrate a higher understanding of energetic processes and function from within the physical body and energy bodies. These downloads can come without warning, at any time, place or without any specific request for them other than your awareness being present in the subject matter of the download.  These downloads can be regarding anything from emotional processing, mental programming, emotional and mental healing, efficient energy flow, toroidial physics, to the sacred geometry structure and the know how of how to specifically apply that quantum physics of the human being.

Downloads can be major, or they can be minor. The major downloads include an entire upgrade of your inner operating and processing system. As humans, we are beings who are self-conscious with an entire body that runs itself like a living organism. A level past the basic understanding of the human body is a acknowledging that the brain is a bio-organic computer that has the capability of understanding itself.

Another level past that is understanding that when you activate the higher potential of the Mind, behind your eyes you have a multi-dimensional interface that comes up like a screen. This screen is jacked into the ultimate intelligence of your heart, that has the entire universe within itself. Because the heart is the origin of where you were created in the womb, you are also connected to the Source of all information from there and are literally linked any information you are intuitively capable of sensing and bringing in from the higher dimensions as a download.

Your own inner knowing is your personal faculty that matters the most towards progression in evolution because it is very likely that the people who are around you may not be experiencing the same type of insights. In fact, they have been programmed not to be upgraded because their inner processing systems basically look like the conglomeration of only what has been allowed to be made traditional knowledge in mainstream 3Dimensional society. Learning get around these people and dealing with their own unconditioned Minds and their unconscious energy fields are important.

This means that you have to protect your Mind, shield your energy, and most of all, know yourself without having to constantly reflect of someone else who is totally unconscious.

Merging Your 3D Mind with Your Multi-Dimensional Mind

To keep yourself in a constant state of upgrading, continue to feed your Mind by opening your own consciousness to new information and research. A healthy habit of curiosity and research is the beginning of a constant stream of downloads from your Higher Self, because you will then have a base knowledge of reflection of that higher knowledge from within your own knowing. This will begin the merge of your 3rd dimensional Mind with the Mind of your Higher Self in 5D.

214When you hit higher levels of awareness as a base average as an everyday level of consciousness you begin to notice that the downloads you are getting are for your highest and most best interest. If you are constantly getting mental images, intuitive knowings, or feelings about constructive ideas, or a new and creative solution to personal problems you are already aligning with the frequency of your Higher Self and they are helping feed you this stream of data.

While you’re upgrading these major understandings and wisdom based insights it will become evident that your 3rd Dimensional mind still has some work to do as you are now primarily existing in a higher dimension and teaching yourself to exist in 2 places at once. Many of the problematic areas that will come up are past programming of the negative ego. These areas are usually the deepest imprinted judgemental and hypocritical thoughts and emotions that have been running on auto-pilot for years.

When your multi-dimensional Mind begins to implement the upgrades, your subconscious Mind is now becoming conscious. And it’s important to pay attention to what comes up because the higher frequency nature of the downloads will literally begin purging out all of the negative programming. So when you begin integrating a higher gear of intelligence you will have to release and clear everything that comes up to make sure the upgrade is 100% successful.

You can view it like an upgrade for your computer. If you think about how a computer works with the new software upgrade for it, it normally cannot be running any other programs while a major upgrade is happening. This means you have to also know how to clear your Mind, keep it clear and speak from your inner voice. It can be very simple once you begin actively taking command of the dynamics of your inner processing.


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