oKgdYtTResistance isn’t something you can measure, or see until you’re out of it. It’s like quicksand. When you’re in resistance what you’re doing is saying “no” to what is happening, what you’re doing, who you are, or the way you are seeing things. Resistance doesn’t mean suffering. What it does mean is that there is potential for you make an improvement on where you are.

In the Quantum Field, “resistance” is a negative dimensional veil of illusion that creates anything opposite of positively harmonic creation. This veil of resistance is a negative net of parasitic force that wraps around people and causes them to find conflict in anything or anything about them selves or anything about where they are and about what they are doing to cause confusion and fear to keep them there. If you are in resistance you may often feel frustrated, overly angry, guilty, agitated, with physical sensations to accompany these low emotions like itchiness, inflammation, irritation, sharp pains, etc.

However, it is possible to stay out of resistance.

Traditionally, “resistance” is the definition of insanity. Primarily because you are saying no to what you truly want to create. As defined by the Universal Law of Vibration, the loudest or most intense vibration is what is created in any reality. So what you affirm personally or collectively becomes the most eminent reality. This means when you are kicking and screaming NO! over and over again what you are getting is the equivalent form of that affirmation in its vibrational form.

Its ok to say no to what you don’t want. However it is wise to shift your energy immediately after you discern what you do not want. Because the Universe only has one word it uses. And that word is YES!

meditation-silhouette-computer-wallpaper-53139-54861-hd-wallpapersStaying in the flow and doing the things that makes you feel good about being alive and doing the things that get you into your heart are the things that will shift you into creating more of what you want. Its about directing yourself into the emotions that you want to feel and not allowing yourself to dip below a neutral state, into negativity. It doesn’t mean being super overly happy 24/7. It just involves focusing on where you want to go without going below a mellow state.

It is possible and it is done by high achievers every day. The mind has to be controlled and it has to be disciplined, or even reprogrammed. Doing the work is a process and isn’t achieved in a day. However you begin to learn your own inner language about what the sensations in your body are telling you when they accompany specific thoughts orĀ  emotional patterns.

For example, when you feel frustrated you may all of a sudden feel itchy on your scalp or head area. You then may immediately feel impatient directly after that. This is a very common resistance pattern and is very easily shifted out of when you see it as that.

The idea of staying out of it is understanding your own emotions and discerning your emotions sensations. Its best to know hot and cold from love and hate. Because emotions are not sensations. When you feel cold from being outside that doesn’t mean that you’re sad or depressed. Even though sadness or depression may feel cold sensationally. When you feel hot from being in the sun for too long that doesn’t mean that you’re angry. Even when you feel anger you may feel hot sensationally, temperature and emotions are completely different.

And warm energy does not mean good, and cold energy does not mean bad!!!

Understand that there is a balance, and a maturity level to getting into the flow of your own energy level. Feel around the spectrum of your own emotion and pay attention to how your body sensationally feels when you are purely feeling the richness of one emotion. This way, you can create a more educated and higher level of balance in your maturity of emotion to help you create more of what you want.

Learn more about identifying and controlling your inner universal language patterns in this youtube video :)

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